Penerjemah Tersumpah

Alizar Translation, (Lisensi : SK. Gub. DKI Jakarta No. 2238/2004) Ind-Eng, untuk akte lahir, rapor, ijazah, akte notaris, surat bisnis, dll. Terdaftar di Kedutaan US, UK, Aus, Sin. Website: http:\, Sentra Salemba Mas Blok P, 3rd Floor (Samping Smailing Tour) Jalan Salemba Raya No. 34-36 Jakarta Pusat - 10430, email : /, Alizar, Mobile: +62812.999.3250. WA: +62878.8415.6109 – Ratna.

Category: Office Equipment
13 Dec 2017 13:13
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